More than 35 hurt after New York train derails

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Dozens of people were hurt Wednesday morning when a Long Island Rail Road train derailed at Atlantic Avenue in Brooklyn.

The FDNY says at least 37 people suffered non-life threatening injuries in the derailment, which happened around 8:20 a.m. on Track 6.

Some passengers described a large jolt that sent people flying.

“I was getting up from my seat and there was a loud impact and I flew forward and then flew backward,” a passenger named Amanda says. “It was total chaos, there was smoke on the train and we were sitting there in shock.”

“We were pulling into the station in what appeared to be its regular speed and suddenly there was a jolt and a jump up. I was sitting at the time, jumped out of my seat and then back down and up again,” a passenger named David, who said he was in the first car, tells WRBL sister station CBS2 New York.

“The train jumped the end of the line and went right over the embankment and into a station office and people who were standing up to exit the train all toppled on top of each other.”

Images from the scene showed some people being carried away on stretchers while others were seen sitting outside the terminal.


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