Man who poisoned Auburn Oaks faces contempt for missing court

Harvey Updyke (CBSN)

OPELIKA, Ala. (AP) — A Lee County judge issues a contempt of court citation after the man who poisoned the Auburn University’s oak trees failed to appear at a hearing Tuesday.

University of Alabama football fan Harvey Updyke pleaded guilty to poisoning the Auburn Oaks after a game in 2010. Local news sources say he missed a court hearing about his restitution payment schedule.

Lee County Circuit Judge Jacob Walker issued the contempt order after Updyke also failed to verify he had complied with an order to submit a payment schedule.

Walker ordered Updyke to pay $816,694.98 in restitution, but he has paid only a few thousand dollars.

A probation officer says Updyke’s wife said the payment budget was given to his Louisiana probation officer; however the officer could not immediately verify her claim.

A contempt hearing is set for March 1.

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