Local storm cleanup efforts underway days after this week’s storms

PHENIX CITY, Ala. – Storm cleanup efforts are underway tonight at the East Alabama Humane Society.

Part of the property, including the shelter was flooded during recent heavy rains.

WRBL is digging deeper to learn what business and home owners need to do after a storm.

Representatives with the Humane Society say they weren’t expecting to get any damage but thankfully they have the resources- to help them bounce back.

Monday’s round of storms gave the East Alabama Humane Society a little beating.

“It was kind of an eventful night”.

That’s Beth Gaskin. She works very closely with the animals.

The storm flooded parts of the shelter, inside and out.

“We just had a lot of torrential rain come in on Monday night and because of all the leaves here it kept backin up into our drain which caused water to come inside the kennels. We had a lot of water in the first two kennels on the left and on the right side,” says Gaskin.

Now just days after the storm, they’re working to cleanup the flooding.

“With all the rain of course it just fills in the play yards so we have a lot of excess mud puddles the next days which makes it hard when the dogs go out for the day,” says Gaskin.

These mud puddles can be a nuisance after the storm.

The mud makes it difficult to keep the dogs clean and it also causes the animals to lose their footing when they’re outside.

Thankfully The East Alabama Humane Society didn’t get enough damage that insurance companies needed to get involved. I caught up with a State Farm representative to explain whether or not their were tips for storm victims who did have to get insurance companies involved.

“If a tree fell on your roof you might wanna put a tarp on it so additional water is not coming in. You wanna start removing debris off of your house and off of any areas that might be damaged. Another thing you wanna do immediately is take pictures of the damage. That is very helpful to homeowners if they have pictures of what happened,” says Justin Tomzzak, State Farm Spokesman.

Insurance representatives say, taking pictures will best to help them- help you- if you’ve been impacted by a storm.

For more information on how to file a claim, visit: https://www.statefarm.com/

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