Harvey Updyke misses court appearance on Tuesday

Harvey Updyke (CBSN)

LEE COUNTY, Ala.- Harvey Updyke, the man who plead guilty in 2013 to poisoning the two Toomer’s Oaks after the 2010 Iron Bowl was scheduled to appear at the Lee County Justice Center for a hearing on his restitution payment schedule, but he did not show up.

Updyke’s attorney, Andrew Stanley said his client was ordered to pay $816,967.98 in restitution, and to date has paid $3,712.50.

Judge Jacob Walker issued the contempt citation to Updyke for not appearing at the hearing adding he could not verify that Updyke followed through with the order to submit a payment schedule.

A Lee County Probation Officer said Updyke’s wife told him that the documentation was given to the Louisiana probation office, but the Louisiana probation office has not replied to the officer regarding the status of those documents at this time.

Incoming Lee County District Attorney Brandon Hughes said that the DA’s office needs to prosecute cases like Updyke’s or Jochen Wiest’s in a way that deters people from committing similar crimes.

“Somebody needs to see how someone gets treated when they do something like this and say to themselves, ‘that’s not something I want to go to Auburn and do,’ Hughes said. “To this point, that hasn’t happened yet, and if that happens again under my watch, and we have an opportunity to prosecute one of those cases, we’re going to do everything we can up to and including prison time to make sure that no one sees that as a good idea.”

Updyke’s contempt hearing is slated for March 1.

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