Lee County Humane Society has a banner 2016

AUBURN, Ala. – The Lee County Humane Society finished their 2016 with a banner year that they want to build off of.

In 2016, they saved 2,392 animals. Of those animals, 1,749 were adopted; 239 were transferred; 339 were returned to their owner and 65 were trapped neutered and released. They also achieved a 91% live release rate, which is a mark they have never reached. Any shelter that achieves a live release rate of 90% or more earns the status of “No kill shelter.”

The Lee County Humane Society is an open admission shelter, which means that they have to take in any animals brought to them from Auburn or Opelika. This past year, no animals were put down due to space requirements.

Donation and Event Coordinator, Ausu Anaraki said that the community played a big role in their 2016 success whether it be by fostering, adopting, volunteering or donating. The humane society has a campaign called “No More Wasted Lives.” The campaign is used to help funding for the upcoming year. In 2016, their goal was $50,000, but they exceeded $87,000.

Anaraki added that they are proud of their recent year, but they want to be even better.

“What we’ve realized is that people will respond to your pleas especially if they believe in your cause,” Anaraki said. “So, we’re going to focus on getting the community really involved in things they are interested in doing and, I think that will ultimately save more lives.”


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