Heavy rains causes sinkhole behind Columbus home to expand

COLUMBUS, Ga. – This week’s dramatic weather is prompting major concern for some folks living in Columbus.

News 3’s Ashley Garrett caught up with a man who has a growing sinkhole in his backyard.

The homeowner says, he’s running out of options- when it comes to resolving this situation. Rashad Belser says he and his two small children have lived at this home since 2009.He says when he moved,  there was no hole.

Then, he says, about four years ago, the city placed this drainage pipe at the top of the hill that leads to Belser’s home.

Belser says he’s complained to the city and the city responded with saying  “it’s a homeowner’s issue”. I reached out to the city to find out if there was any thing that could be done.

“If it’s growing what we will do is have someone go back out and look, meet with him, to make sure we know what we’re dealing with,” says Pat Biegler, the Director of Public Works.

Belser says water runs continuously behind his home.

He says when it rains- the water runs harder and the sinkhole, that’s pretty close to his home, continues to expand.


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