Heavy rain prompts major concern in the Chattahoochee Valley

CHATTAHOOCHEE VALLEY – This week’s severe weather is still impacting parts of the Chattahoochee Valley.

In Columbus, officials closed part of the Riverwalk that got washed away.

News 3’s Ashley Garrett went to the site Tuesday.

This area is in walking distance to The Bull Dog Bait and Tackle Shop in Columbus.

It collapsed after last night’s heavy rain.

A Columbus Water Works official shares what exactly is being done to the area during its partial closure.

As of  11 a.m. Tuesday, the Chattahoochee River had risen.

Due to Monday’s heavy rain, part of the Riverwalk collapsed.

Vic Burchfield is the Vice President of Information Security and Environmental Services at Columbus Water Works.

He explains what exactly is being done to the area.

“As you can see it eroded up to the Riverwalk so for safety reasons we have closed down this portion of the Riverwalk and we’re setting up a temporary bypass around this area so that the public can continue to use it.”

Longtime residents of Columbus will tell you that water here at the Chattahoochee River has risen even higher in past years. So I wanted to know from officials why now has this area of the river eroded, given today’s water levels.

“Well we’ll have to do an assessment on it. That’s what we’re doing now in order to establish what we need to do to make the repair”,

Other areas also took a heavy hit after Monday’s rough weather.

Those areas include the Pine Grove Cemetery in Phenix City.

This video shows downed trees, knocked over headstones.

Some of them appear to have chipped away.

A Phenix City man expresses concern over the damage.

I feel sorry for the ones that have family members here. It’s awful. My condolences go out. It’s terrible”, says Christopher Moore.

Right now, it’s not yet clear, if there are any plans in place to clean-up the cemetery.

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