SafeHouse Ministries touts 2016 as banner year for helping homeless

The SafeHouse touts 2016 as a banner year for helping the homeless in and around Columbus.
The SafeHouse touts 2016 as a banner year for helping the homeless in and around Columbus.

COLUMBUS, Ga. – A local nonprofit sees promise in the new year after learning of the profound impact they’re having on the homeless population across the Valley. SafeHouse Ministries made a big impact in 2016, according to Connections Coordinator Charles Jeffries.

“Providing the hope that people need to strive to move forward is a big part of what we do,” Jeffries said.

More than six years ago, the SafeHouse opened as a local resource in Columbus for homeless men and women. Looking ahead to 2017, Samuel Jones also reflects on what brought him to the SafeHouse and how his journey can provide hope for those walking in his shoes.

Jones says he’s still on the road to recovery. However, he’s also helping others who struggle to survive everyday.

“They made me comfortable enough to want to help and volunteer for the rest of my natural existence,” Jones said.

Jones says he’s become more confident in handling one of the biggest problems in his life and in the lives of so many others who utilize the SafeHouse: addiction.

“I guess that as long as this place is around, I’ll stay sober,” Jones said. “That’s very important.”

Jeffries mentions one of the difficulties in running one of the most important homeless shelters in the Chattahoochee Valley.

“As long as we don’t get discouraged, they don’t get discouraged,” Jeffries explained. “And they tend to keep moving forward as long as we stay by them.”

Jeffries says the SafeHouse’s partnerships with other area nonprofits like Home for Good and United Way paved the way for a strong 2016.

“[We’ve got to have] better communication, better connections with other agencies,” Jeffries said. “Of course resources are always nice, be it money, food or clothing.”

Those resources helped Samuel Jones publish a book this past year. But for Jones, his journey is just beginning.

“Ain’t nobody ever fully done,” Jones said. “I look forward to seeing the next day, let alone get here and interact and volunteer to keep this place clean.”

SafeHouse could not provide News 3 with specific numbers from their results day, an annual meeting that reflects effectiveness in the past year. However, Jeffries says he can notice a difference in just one year through dozens of stories like Jones’.


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