Mother of 10th St. shooting victim remembers son

COLUMBUS. Ga. – We’re hearing from the mother who lost her son in Wednesday night’s deadly shooting on 10th Street.  The coroner identifies the victim as 19-year-old Jamal Alexander.

Lakishia Newsome says her son was the type of person who would always make everyone feel welcome.  She refers her son her other half.

“When they killed my son it’s like I felt funny yesterday.  When he took his last breath I took mine.  I just thought it was my asthma and then when I got the news as soon as I got home I was like what.  The girl couldn’t get it all the way out.  It’s like I knew it because I felt it and I’ve never felt that way before,” she explained.

Newsome moved to Columbus from Atlanta.

“I took him with me, but he loved Columbus.  He loved the streets.  Ain’t nothing in the streets,” she said.

She says she wanted him to come back to Atlanta.

“I talked to Jamal Sunday.  I told him I was coming to get him.  I was supposed to come get him Friday and I guess I didn’t make it.  God had other plans,” Newsome said.

She says she never thought she would lose her child.

“I just want my son and I know that’s impossible, but right now I’m more focused on how did it get this far?  I mean I asked for help.  I’m a mother.”

A mother who wants justice and peace.

“I don’t want this to happen to nobody else.  Everybody involved.  It should have never happened,” she said.

Police are still looking for the person or persons responsible for this shooting leaving Jamal Alexander dead and four others injured.  You are asked to call police if you have any information.

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