Hundreds gather to remember shooting victim

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Hundreds of people have come to Cusseta Road Church of Christ to attend the funeral of Bobby Jerome Seawright Jr.

The community, family and friends showed their support for Bobby Seawright Jr.

“The funeral was beautiful and I didn’t expect so many people to go up and talk about him,” says Christopher Wiliams

Friends reminisced the good times that they’ve shared with Seawright over the years.

“Everyone had a really great memory of Bobby and he made everyone happy so it was mostly recalling the good memories that we had with Bobby,” says Kark Avila. “We were good friends … you know we met in high school. It’s a tragic loss, but at the same time, but at the same time we’re rejoicing because of what he’s done for everybody. Everyone he encountered, everyone has respect for Bobby and he would give that respect back so it shows a lot about his character.”

Friends shared what they will miss most about Seawright.

“If I could just keep anything that he’s taught me it’s just be selfless and kind to anybody that you want to help,” says Azaius Page.

“Deeply his spirit is what I’m going to miss. He was always a very genuine person and no one can ask for anything better than that,” says Williams.

Azaius Page, Seawright’s best friend says although he still can’t accept that his brother is gone.

“There’s so many people he loved and supported, friends and family that he touched and was able to help. I just look at it as an opportunity to celebrate his life as well as be reminded that we’re all here for Bobby so let’s be here for each other,” says Page.

Page says he wants to be a rock for the family.


“I’ll always be there for them, the entire family,” says Page.

Gone too soon, but never forgotten.

In the funeral program Seawright’s mother and father showcased the beautiful memories that they’ve shared over the last 25 years.

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