1 dead, 4 injured after 10th street shooting

COLUMBUS, Ga. — Police continue their search for the shooter or shooters that left a teenager dead Wednesday night.

The coroner confirms 19-year-old Jamal Alexander died after being shot in the chest. Four other people were shot as well. The shooting happened near the intersection of 10th and Colorado Streets.

Police are still on high alert after Wednesday’s night shooting that took place in the 2900 block of 10th Street.

Captain Gil Slouchick recalls when the call came in to dispatch.

“Before 7 o’clock yesterday evening officers received a call to 2914 10th street in reference to a shooting,” says Slouchick.

Georgia Jackson, is still in shock. She has been living in the neighborhood for six years. She heard the shooting.

“I heard four gun shots go off and that happens mostly all the time. You hear gunshots going off in the neighborhood,” says Jackson.

Police say a total of five people were shot. Four remain hospitalized 19-year-old Jamal Alexander died at the scene.

“Five people had been shot, one individual is deceased and the other four have been admitted to the medical center and are currently undergoing treatment,” says Slouchick.

Police are now interviewing witnesses and searching for a suspect or suspects.

“Trying to sort through some witnesses and through some evidence to make some of this determinations,” says Slouchick.

Meanwhile, Jackson says the community is mourning the loss of such a young soul.

“We are praying for the family and praying that they will get through this at ease,” says Jackson.

Columbus police say an investigation is underway. Investigators are interviewing the four who were transporting to Columbus Midtown Medical Center.

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