Local merchants discuss holiday shopping impact

COLUMBUS, Ga. – The weeks leading up to Christmas and the day after Christmas are typically busy shopping days.  Chris Largent with Outside World Columbus says he sees a difference in the amount of shoppers coming in right after the New Year.

“There’s usually a small taper and then it kind of flattens out midway through January into February and then we pick back up again in March,” he said.

Reggie Luther with Big Dog Running Company says they are fairly slow right after Thanksgiving.

“It’s usually down actually right after Thanksgiving for a couple of weeks and then it picks up the last couple of weeks before Christmas and we saw that again this year,” Luther said.

He attributes that to their business being unique.

“Well we’re kind of a specialty running store and we want people to come and spend time with us and it’s more of a personal purchase than a gift purchase, but we do sell a few more gift cards, but I guess people want to start buying for themselves a little bit closer to Christmas,” he said.

This year, Outside World opened up on Sundays during the holiday season.

“The beginning of December we’re seeing more traffic coming in looking for specific and becoming a destination for gifts for the holidays,” Largent said.

Largent says he appreciates the local community supporting local businesses.

“You guys are what makes us a company versus just another store,” he said.

Both Largent and Luther say their busiest months are typically spring through early fall.


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