Volunteers working around the clock to feed the homeless in Lagrange

LAGRANGE, Ga.- Outside 7 Kingdoms Tattoo Studio in Lagrange there were several volunteers preparing food.

Friday afternoon, they grilled burgers, fixed barbecue sandwiches, Butterfinger cake and more.

Maurice Houston lives in Lagrange.

He works at Diverse Power but likes to make barbecue on the side.

He explains why he prepares to work through the night to feed those who could really use some help.

“It’s a blessing to me because I’m able to sit down every evening at the dinner table and eat. You sitting there and you’re enjoying your meal think in the back of your head that there’s somebody that’s not able to eat right here in your own neighborhood,” says Houston.

Inside the tattoo shop there are different operations.

In addition to tattooing, workers and volunteers are also collecting many donations for those in need.

The owner of the shop says efforts like these hit close to home.

“Being in a predicament where you was just like that. Years ago me and my family didn’t have anything. We lived inside of our business because we lost our home,” says Fernando Thompson.

News 3’s Ashley Garrett caught up with one Lagrange resident who says he calls a bridge his home because he doesn’t have a home to call his own. He’s been under the bridge for more than a decade and today he shares what a day in the life, is like for him.

“I walk around..pick up what I can here and there to survive,” says Willie Douglas, Sr.

He doesn’t have much but he still remains optimistic.

“No matter where you live it’s how you live. I live under a bridge right? But I’m totally free. I like being free” says Douglas, Sr.

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