Restaurants team up to feed dozens of homeless people in Columbus

COLUMBUS, Ga.- Dozens turn out for a hearty holiday meal right here at the Safehouse, and it’s all thanks to two local restaurants: that’s Barberitos and Your Pie both located right here in Columbus.

Representatives provided a variety of pizzas and taco salads for the homeless this afternoon.

There’s enough food to feed close to 150 people.

Many had smiles and others were brought to tears.

One man says he was there to volunteer.

He says Friday was special for him because he says he was once down and out.

“I’m coming back from my roots. This is where it started at for me. I want these people to know, I’m no better than they are. I’m still the same you know within my heart and within my mind. I want to be an example to help them mentally and emotionally. If Miami Blue can make it then I have an opportunity to also make it,” says Eduardo “Miami Blue” Lockley.

Representatives with Your Pie and Barberitos say the overall goal Friday, was to give back to the community, that’s given to them, for so many years.


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