Questions swirl around potential GBI involvement in two Muscogee County School District cases

The District Attorney's Office in Muscogee County requested assistance in two MCSD cases from the GBI.

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Two investigations involving the Muscogee County School District are back under scrutiny following some new accusations against the school district. School board member Frank Myers believes the school district has not been straightforward in the case involving the death of school bus driver Roy Newman back in August. He also questions the school district’s integrity in the case involving 13-year-old Montravious Thomas, who had his leg amputated at Edgewood Student Services Center following physical restraint by a behavior specialist and non-school district employee.

Myers, along with another board member, disclosed what they believed to be important information to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation and the District Attorney’s Office. The DA then asked the GBI to become involved in investigating the issues.

“We allege there has been criminal conduct committed,” Myers said of the school district.

Assistant DA Don Kelly confirmed to News 3 that DA Julia Slater requested the GBI’s assistance in these cases. However, the GBI says they will not conduct a parallel investigation at this time, as long as Columbus Police continue to investigate the two aforementioned matters.

Myers’ fellow board member Pat Hugley-Green says the call for additional assistance from the GBI in the school district’s investigations is strange.

“It’s bizarre,” Hugley-Green said. “It’s just bizarre behavior.”

Hugley-Green says the school district has nothing to hide.

The GBI's statement as it relates to their lack of participation in the investigations involving the Muscogee County School District.
The GBI’s statement as it relates to their lack of participation in the investigations involving the Muscogee County School District.

“If there’s a board member who has additional information, it’s their responsibility to share that information with the rest of the board,” Hugley-Green said.

Myers says he trusts he shared his information with the right people.

“My training as a lawyer tells me to go to law enforcement, not a fellow board member,” Myers explained. “It’s like a weight being lifted off our shoulders. And I’m confident that the GBI will be involved at some point and that justice will be done.”

News 3 reached out to the Muscogee County School District. Communications Director Valerie Fuller says the district’s legal team must review any legal questions.

Assistant District Attorney Don Kelly would not tell News 3 exactly why they requested the GBI’s help in the school district investigations. It’s also unclear if the DA will pursue the additional investigation once the two incidents are resolved.

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