Georgia Fraternal Order of Police president reacts to police targeted violence

Police tape blocks the Americus apartment complex where two officers were shot Wednesday morning. (WRBL)

Officer-targeted shootings like the one in Peach County Monday and Americus last Wednesday have one law enforcement advocate reflecting on the state of Georgia’s spike in violence directed toward officers.

Georgia Fraternal Order of Police President Randy Robertson believes more people feel empowered to use force when dealing with police officers. He says the state of Georgia and the United States as a whole are seeing more assaults directed toward police officers, because more high profile cases nationwide are sparking contagious outrage.

“Peach County has had a devastating year when it comes to law enforcement,” Robertson said. “And for something like this to happen, it’s terrible.”

Robertson says the number of law enforcement officers shot and killed in Georgia this year exceeds the amount in the past three years combined. However, he advises that people look at every instance of officer-targeted violence.

“There’s a lot of attention given to how many law enforcement officers die every year,” Robertson explained. “And a lot of times, people don’t realize how many are shot and actually lived.”




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