Community rallies together to help dog injured in Smiths Station train accident

Flip after being released to go home

SMITHS STATION, Ala. – It is a week after the Smiths Station train accident that sent two people to the hospital. 44-year-old Scott Cox and 43-year-old Yulanda Haddan both of Phenix City to the hospital.

Cox was released from the hospital, but Haddan is still at Emory in Atlanta in serious condition.

They ended up in the hospital after a train struck their pickup truck while they were attempting to cross the railroad tracks.

The folks at Smiths Station High School, which is right across the street from the tracks said that a dog was wandering around the school after the accident. The next day, the dog was in the school’s courtyard where it collapsed. Students gathered around and covered the dog with blankets and coats to keep it warm.

The dog’s name was Flip.

Tammy Mayoral, a special education teacher at the school said that day, a teacher came into her room to tell her about the dog. Mayoral immediately went out to check on the dog, and immediately called Smiths Station Animal Hospital.

In a matter of minutes, they came to the school to pick up Flip. When they arrived at the hospital, they did an initial evaluation on him and found lacerations on the face, neck and sides. Doctor Nicole Namie of Smiths Station Animal Hospital said it was apparent that Flip has been involved in an accident. She added that he had no broken bones, but his lungs were badly damaged.

Flip was put on nasal oxygen and from there, they took to social media.

Flip being tended to upon arrival at the Smiths Station Animal Hospital.
Flip being tended to upon arrival at the Smiths Station Animal Hospital.

A few hours after arriving, the hospital received a phone call from a woman saying that she believed that was her mother’s dog. She told the staff she was not able to get a hold of her mother. The woman who called was Haddan’s daughter, and the staff had the unfortunate task of telling her about her mother’s condition.

Flip had to be transported to Montgomery last weekend for 24 hour care, but he was released to Haddan’s daughter on Tuesday in perfect health.

The community including Smiths Station High School raised $1,200 to take care of Flip’s medical bills, which are all paid for.

Mayoral said the students and faculty at the school put others well before themselves and it was very touching to see them band together.

“Out of the graciousness of their heart, they just jumped in without thinking said we have to do something for this dog,” Mayoral said. “For them to continue asking all day, into Monday and Tuesday they were still asking. When I was able to tell them he went home, everybody was thrilled. Everybody is just thrilled that this happy story could happen close to the holidays and that we could all be a part of it.”

Doctor Namie echoed the praises to the community for their selfless efforts and said it was tremendous to see them all come together.

“There are too many cases that are too sad, too many stray animals that we don’t find their owners for, but this one had a happy ending so it definitely helps to make it to where we want to keep going and doing what we’re doing,” Dr. Namie said.

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