Auburn Police investigate report of gun being pointed at student

AUBURN, Ala. – Auburn Police say on Monday night a student reported that they were walking down West Magnolia Avenue toward Wire Road. While walking, a dark colored pickup truck with Greek letters on the back window stopped by the student. The passenger yelled the name “Quincy” along with vulgar language at the student.

Police say that soon after, the passenger pointed a gun at the student, and the student yelled, “I am not Quincy.” The truck then drove off.

The student told police that the men were white males with beards.

“Anytime that we have a criminal activity involving a weapon, we take it very seriously,” Assistant Chief of Auburn Police Will Mathews said. “It’s a misdemeanor offense, but it’s the highest misdemeanor offense before going into a felony offense. Mainly it’s a misdemeanor because there is no physical touching and it’s an intimidation rather than an actual physical assault on someone, and that’s the difference in the classification.”

Auburn Police said that they do not believe there is an on-going threat.

If anyone has information on the incident, they are asked to call the Auburn Police Division at 334-501-3100 or the Crime Stoppers line at 334-246-1391.

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