Local church extends charity donation program extra two weeks

MIDLAND, Ga. — For the past couple of weeks, Pastor Jamie Sanks of The House of God has been living in a storage unit right next to the church to encourage the community to donate to the Big Event.

Pastor Sanks is extending the Big Event by two more weeks because he said the need is so great.

He is hoping to fill two large trailers and three storage containers with food, toys and cold-weather gear for those in need. So far, the second pod is being filled, and the trailers are starting fill up as well.

Sanks has no running water, toilet, heating or any other basic luxuries of life. He does not mind the accommodations. In fact, he said he is glad to do it because God loves those less fortunate, and so does he.

“God cares about the poor,” Pastor Sanks said. “He wants to care about them as well. We need to listen to their cries. We see the poor everyday, homelessness, people who are hungry. That’s their cry to us. We need to answer their cries. The big event will answer the cries of the poor.”

During the bad weather this past week, Pastor Sanks said it made him reflect on what he is doing.

“That is as close as I’ll get to actually being in the actual elements that the some of the homeless people are in, in tents or under the bridge,” Pastor Sanks said. “I had a roof; they don’t have that. You grow a greater appreciation for the homeless, for the hungry because they are actually out there living in those elements without any shelter whatsoever.”

Pastor Sanks said on December 17, he will officially come down from the storage unit for the grand finale where the distributors will be given all the donations and in turn will give them to those in need.

Donations can be brought to The House of God at 7230 Flat Rock Road, Midland Ga 31820

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