Community organization brightens the holiday season for hundreds of kids

COLUMBUS, Ga. — Hundreds of people from the area gathered at the Shirley B. Winston Recreation Center for the eighth annual Reach 4 Your Dreamz Christmas Toy Giveaway and Dinner.

Almost 1,000 toys were given to kids in the area. In addition to the toy giveaway, those who attended enjoyed fun and games along with a meal.

Reach 4 Your Dreamz CEO, Gwennetta Wright has been holding the event for eight years. The event got started in a special way.

“God gave me a vision to be able to give back to my community by giving away toys and feeding people for Christmas,” Wright said. “I was just obedient to the assignment he gave me, and we started our toy giveaway and dinner.”


Those who attended the day said it made their Christmas. One of those folks was Tiffani Odom. She was very appreciative of the event and said it really got her in the mood for Christmas.

“Sometimes, somebody may have been down, but now I’m more excited,” Odom said. “It makes me want to give. Now, I have found some places where I can volunteer and donate toys for people who may need some, so it’s real good.”

Wright said that God has blessed her, and this event helps spread blessings to others.

“For us to be able to give to people who may not have the things that we have is just a blessing,” Wright said. “To see kids come in and get a smile and for the families to be appreciative and bring their kids in and get a meal. Sometimes, a lot of families don’t have anything to give their kids for Christmas, but for them to be able to get something to take home for them to have on  Christmas Day is a blessing.”

The organization will be holding another event in Atlanta in two weeks. Click here for information on donating to Reach 4 Your Dreams.

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