Newly renovated runway lane back open for business in Columbus

COLUMBUS, Ga. – A runway that’s been closed for weeks is now back open for business.

News 3 has learned the benefits of the newly renovated lane.

All smiles during today’s news conference. Columbus Airport representatives say, the runway project was expected to last 90 days, but thankfully, it only took 78.

News Three cameras caught the first plane landing on the runway.

This summer, both runways were shut down as part of the airport’s six billion dollar, five year capital improvement plan.

One runway had to undergo 24-hour repair.

The runway that re-opened today took much longer.

Richard Howell, the airport director explains why.

“We milled off about two or three inches of the runway, then grated it out and then we put a new asphalt overlay on top of that. We installed brand new runway lighting. We installed new signage associated with the runway and of course we re-painted it.” says Howell.

When it comes to the five year rehabilitation program Columbus Airport representatives say they’re on track.


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