Efforts underway to find happy homes for dozens of abused dogs in Meriwether County

MERIWETHER COUNTY, Ga. – We begin with the latest on a heart-wrenching story about dozens of dogs that were reportedly abused earlier this year.

News 3 has learned what’s expected to happen to the dogs.

Wednesday, 52 year old Sherman Holt attended a hearing surrounding the case.

Remember back in October, he was arrested after a small pit bull was discovered, dragging a large chain around its neck.

Holt was later released on a more than 200 thousand dollar bond.

I caught up with Jazmin Storey, the Director of the Meriwether County Animal Shelter.

She says, when she got the dogs earlier this year, they were in really bad shape.

“All covered in fleas, every single one of them. There was not a spot on the dogs that you didn’t find a flea. Fleas create tapeworms. They all needed to be de-wormed. They all needed to be vaccinated which we did immediately before they even hit the shelter.” says Storey.

After meeting with a health board during court this week it’s been decided that the dogs will be turned over to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

Storey says that organization will be able to provide the dogs a much-needed rehabilitation process.

From there, the dogs will be adopted out, but not to just any one.

“These people need to run through a background check before they get their hands on one of these dogs, because the last thing you need is for the wrong person to end up with a dog like this.  We don’t want them to end up in the same situation.“ says Storey.

Representatives with the Meriwether County Animal Shelter say they’re filled to capacity and any licensed rescue looking to pull a dog that’s not tied to this case, can do so now, free of charge.

Anyone interested in adopting one of those dogs should contact the Meriwether County Animal Shelter.

That number is (706) 672-2966.

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