Local jail liaison left without funding is set to close doors

COLUMBUS, Ga. —  For three years, a local woman has helped former inmates make a smooth transition into the workplace. Now a lack of funding for her charitable dream has her moving on to a new one.

Waleisah Wilson is a former inmate and also the President of NewLife- Second Chance Outreach in Columbus. The outreach program has offered free job referral services and sponsored collection events for former inmates.

Wilson says her a lack of donations forced her decision to close program’s doors.

For about three years, she says her own money has kept the the inmate assistance program running.

Wilson says although she applied for a crime prevention grant, she was denied. She believes she wasn’t given the grant because she will not take part in what she calls “corrupt activity”.

“If I know that I can’t get any love here as far as financing and stuff because I’m not a part of a clique and I’m not doing anything unethical and I’m not gonna sweep dirt under the rug,” says Wilson. “I’m gonna take that as a compliment because that is the type of person I am. I’m un-bossed and I’m un-bought.”

Wilson says New Life- Second Chance Outreach has had an 80 percent success rate in terms of former inmates getting jobs. Although the physical location will come down, the program’s Facebook page will stay up to offer former offenders help and advice.

The doors will officially close December 15th. An appreciation dinner will be held on December 28th at Taste of Heaven on Macon Road at 6 P.M.

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