Auburn combines aquatic research resources with Ocean University China

Auburn University Provost, Timothy Boosinger and OUC President Zhigang Yu unveil the logo of the partnership

AUBURN, Ala. — Wednesday, the OUC-AU Joint Center for Aquaculture and Environmental Sciences became official when representatives from Auburn University and Ocean University China gathered on campus to implement the agreement.

The partnership allows the two institutions to combine their resources and collaborate on research in aquaculture and environmental science research and education. The two universities have had a long standing relationship with each other, and John Liu, the Associate Provost said this agreement brings together two of the strongest institutions in the world and brings synergy to help solve environmental challenges.

The OUC-AU grant program will be a major piece of the work that will be done. Funding will be provided to Ocean University China and Auburn scientists who propose cooperative research in aquaculture and environmental sciences.

Assistant Dean of the College of Agriculture, Henry Fadamiro said that the fields of aquaculture and fisheries are big in the state, and this partnership will help bolster it. He added that this partnership will take the university to the next level and make the university even more attractive.

Paul Patterson, the Dean of the College of Agriculture said, “Fish products are a very important source of protein for people world. It’s probably one of our most efficient sources of protein we can produce. We are expanding production in this in the United States and around the world. This gives us a way of increasing fisheries and aquaculture products. It also gives us a way address any environmental problems that may come about.”

The first round of research projects will get underway in the next couple of weeks.

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