Long-awaited rain brings joy to Columbus residents

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Heavy rains and strong winds caused a tree branch right in front of our News 3 Studios to collapse.

Thankfully no one was hurt. While the rain may be bothersome to some, to others, it appeared to be a blessing.

Tuesday, the Chattahoochee Valley saw its second rain day in about two months.

The showers put a smile on the faces of many including Ron Jones.

He says he has a message for those who didn’t care for the showers.

“Don’t wish it away. Let it stay as long as it will. We need it badly,” says Jones.

The rain brought some relief to our drought-stricken area.

Torey Flowers says, the rain tends to have a relaxing appeal.

“It just calms everybody I guess. You sit in the house, you can sit back watch TV, chill and you don’t feel like going anywhere because it’s raining,” says Flowers.

Thunderstorms are expected tonight and residents are urged to use extreme caution.

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