Family of man shot by CSU police takes action against District Attorney

COLUMBUS, Ga. — The family of a man shot to death by Columbus State University police says the District Attorney’s Office and the GBI did not do enough to collect evidence in the case.

Now, Zikarious Flint’s family says they want District Attorney Julia Slater removed from her position.

Last week the District Attorney’s Office released several pieces of video from March 30th, 2014 and also hundreds of documents related to the CSU officer- involved shooting.

News 3 met with Antonio Carter, the spokesperson for Zikarious Flint’s family, on Tuesday to go over some of the video.

As WRBL reported, seven witnesses say they saw Flint running from police while holding something heavy in his front hoodie pocket. Police later reported finding a gun on the scene after Flint was shot.

When Carter watched the video, he says it shows no proof the gun found belonged to Flint.

“He was running. That’s the one thing we all know and we can all tell here. He was actually running from police. That’s all we know. Why? I have absolutely no idea. I wish I could ask him why he was running.”

Carter says during the investigation into Flint’s shooting, he petitioned the District Attorney’s Office and the GBI to work harder collecting evidence from the weapon allegedly found on Flint.

Carter says investigators never even covered “the basics”.

“If people say they saw Zikarious running with a gun…well test it!” says Carter. “They never finger printed the gun and they never did DNA testing on the weapon, and it is our position they did not do those things because they knew for a fact that the weapon was not Zikarious’.”

Carter adds the Flint family was distressed when the officer that shot Zikarious was cleared of all wrongdoing. He now says the family’s displeasure over the way the District Attorney’s Office chose to handle the case leads them to pursue a complaint against District Attorney Slater.

The complaint argues Slater failed in her duty to present a clear and fair case in Zikarious Flint’s death.




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