Bones found on Columbus construction site

COLUMBUS, Ga. — More bones have been found in the City of Columbus, but Monday’s discovery was at a construction site.

As of Monday night, officials say there’s nothing to fear — they’re only animal bones. However, the find put construction workers on high alert for hours.

According to construction workers, the bones were found near the intersection of Warm Springs Road and 17th Avenue around 8:30 a.m. Monday morning. A road widening project has been taking place there for months.

News 3 spoke to the construction worker who found the remains. He explains what his team was doing when the bones were found.

“We had to put up some pipe and a sewer system was in the way. We pulled it up and that’s when we found an old whiskey bottle and that’s what we wanted, then the bones started falling out,” says Mark Slocumb.

During the time the bones were found the area behind me was heavily populated with construction workers, and according to Muscogee County Deputy Coroner Charles Newton, the bones that were found belong to a large animal.

Slocumb says he and the other workers aren’t buying the story.

Slocumb says he’s been contracted by cemeteries in the past. He says he’s accustomed to seeing human bones. He says the area where the bones were found is what’s raising his suspicion.

“Under a foundation? Seems like the best way to get rid of something,” says Slocumb.

Slocumb says there were other things that were found, that were a little weird to him.

“There were bricks, there were bottles, we even found a melted glass. You don’t normally see things like that when you’re out on sites like this? Nah,” says Slocumb.

After the bones were removed, construction work resumed in the area.

Officials removed the bones found and took them to a CSU professor, who’s a bone specialist. There GBI officials determined that the bones did in fact belong to a large animal.

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