Better Business Bureau warns of Cyber Monday hacks

COLUMBUS, Ga — Thanks to the Internet, Cyber Monday has become just as famous as Black Friday. Monday, millions of shoppers will be searching the Internet and finding deals on online shopping sites.

But the Better Business Bureau reminds everyone to be sure the website is legitimate before making a purchase.

“So many times consumers will get taken by clicking on links on an email. They’ll get taken to a site that looks like a known site, but it’s not,” says Kelvin Collins, Interim CEO of the Better Business Bureau of Columbus.

Collins adds to verify a site, hover your mouse over the address bar.  On the bottom of the web page, you should see exactly where you are going. That should tell you if the site is really a known retailer.  If there’s any question, it’s best to err on the side of caution.

On News 3 This Morning, Kissin’ 99.3’s Bear O’Bryan also offered some great Cyber Monday shopping advice, too.

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