Bringing ministry behind bars

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Tuesdays and Thursdays you’ll find Wanda Grimes motoring her way into the Muscogee County Jail, where she spends hours ministering to female inmates.

“She teaches us that this too shall pass. She said one day..don’t feel sorry for me, because one day I will be walking with my Father,” says Erica.

“You hear her coming, and she scoots in and she’s just the epitome of grace. And it’s just wonderful. It’s a great feeling. Everyone runs out to greet her. She wants nothing but hugs,” says Hadley,

Shortly after getting settled in, Wanda leads the group in prayer.

“And we give you our lives so you can make it a better life than it used to be,” says Wanda.

Then she asks the women to turn to a verse in the bible which forms the basis of her talk with them. Wanda feels this jail ministry is her calling. Which she has been doing faithfully for 22 years.

“We do have a calling and it’s more important than anything else we do,” says Wanda.

And Wanda’s calling is having an impact.

“The first time I met Miss Wanda I was probably about 20 years old. And she saw me crying and she said.. Are you alright? Can I pray for you? She taught me about Jesus and she’s been teaching me about Jesus ever since,” says Cindy.

“Even if she’s only known you for a day or she’s just meeting you that day, she tells you how much she loves you. Now, to be here and to have someone tell you that is wonderful,” says Hadley.

There’s no doubting that Wanda has formed a bond with the women under the sound of her voice and they listen to her advice.

“The best thing we could ever be is not rich or not powerful, but yielded to Him because He makes us have the happiest life in the world,” says Wanda.

Wanda has written a book about her life called “So Great a Love.” You can pick one up at Diversified Printing on Cherokee Avenue in Columbus. You can also find out more about Wanda on her Facebook Page: Wanda Grimes Servant of God.


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