Motorcycle clubs come together to donate to apartment fire victims

COLUMBUS, Ga. — Two motorcycle clubs are driving to help the victims of a devastating apartment fire.

Buzz, the President of the Georgia Iron Order says the news traveled all the way to Atlanta.

Buzz says, “We heard that there was a need here in Columbus so we came down from east Atlanta to come down here and give. We gave our time and we gave what we could.”

As News 3 reported, 40 people were left homeless and without personal belongings after a building in the Woodcliff Apartments complex caught fire.

The motorcycle clubs came together moving box after box.

Deck, the President of the Alabama Iron Order says they wanted to help make a difference in the victims lives.

“We’ve all had our own hard times just like everybody else has and we’ve been helped at times, so we know how it feels,” says Deck.

They brought items to help the families in their recovery process.

“Clothes some donated toys as you can see, bicycles, gift cards of all denominations, Walmart cards, Visa cards whatever we could,” says Buzz.

Deck also challenges other organizations and members of the community to step in and make a donation.

“Any little bit can help and it’s not really a whole lot, but it looks like it…considering all the people that were affected hopefully it helps somebody out.”

If you’re interested in making a donation contact Midtown Property Management at 706-320-0818.

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