Small Business Saturday boosts local economy

COLUMBUS, Ga. — Thousands of people across the Valley took part in supporting our local economy for Small Business Saturday.

Holistic Wellness Business paired up for the American Express shop small initiative.

Twanna Moore, the Owner of Essential Oils Boutique says this year there was a collaborative twist.

“American Express said we need you to join with other businesses in your community, so I figured I could join with some of the other businesses that have the same ideas that I have, which is holistic healing,” Moore says.

Several other small businesses came together for the event.

Tawanna Camper, a shopper, says she encourages everyone to support our locally owned businesses.

“It’s awesome to support small business because they become big business and when you support small business, you’re supporting a single mom, you’re supporting a family and you’re supporting the economy that you live in,” she says.

Camper is also a business owner and encourages other entrepreneurs to turn their dreams into reality.

“We all have a gift and a passion and if you’re passionate about something starting your own business will not seem like a chore because it will be something that you love to do,” says Camper.

American Express says in 2015, 95 million people across the country went out to shop at small businesses.

For more information on Essential Oils Boutique click here.

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