Young Americus dessert chef set to make national TV appearance on Food Network

AMERICUS, Ga – For some of us, we’re still searching for what truly makes us passionate. But one Americus youngster has already found it. Kaylon Harvey is a ten year old who is a culinary genius. This young chef and his family invited News 3 into Kaylon’s kitchen to explore the passion that has led him to an upcoming national television appearance.

Kaylon Harvey can whip up a cake from scratch before you know it.

“I got interested in cooking when I was like months old. I used to follow my mom around in the kitchen, and then, when I was five, I started baking cakes, cupcakes, and all sorts of things,” says Kaylon.

With the support of his mom, Kaylon applied to be on Food Network’s “Kids Sweets Showdown.”  He was selected, and he and his mom Pamela spent close to two weeks in Hollywood for him to compete on the show.

“I made a vanilla spice cake, and I popped it in the mold, and it came as a train. And we had to decorate it and all that,” says Kaylon.

For Kaylon, cooking comes second nature.  When I told him not all of us had his talent and could make a vanilla cake, he turned the tables and the recipes on me.

“What you think is in a vanilla cake?” Kaylon asks Greg.

“Vanilla flavoring and flour,” Greg replies. “But I know there’s a lot more to it than that.”

“Milk. Milk, is your key ingredient,” responds Kaylon.

And as for his mom, while she’s proud of him, it’s pretty obvious Kaylon couldn’t be prouder of her.

“My mom has helped through millions and millions of things, and I love her so much,” says Kaylon.

As for what he wants to do for a career, you guessed it!

“I see myself having a line of desserts. I see people just outside of my business screaming, “Kaylon’s Cake! Kaylon’s Cake!” says Kaylon lighting up with joy.

The first episode of “Kids Sweets Showdown” featuring Kaylon will debut on Wednesday, November 30, at 8 pm Eastern on the Food Network.

Kaylon says he tries to bake at least twice a week. If you’re wondering: Kaylon will be cooking a sweet potato pie and perhaps a pumpkin spice pie for Thanksgiving.

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