Obamacare deadline is December 15th for coverage starting January 1st

Need help getting signed up for Obamacare or have questions and would like to talk to a person over the phone then contact INSURE GEORGIA.

Columbus,GA- During this Thanksgiving week many people are thankful they have insurance. Prior to the Affordable Care Act, health insurance was not always guaranteed. Just because a new administration is coming in you still need to get signed up during this open enrollment period.

December 15th is the deadline if you want coverage to be effective by January 1st. Sign up today because there is no better way than to start off the new year than to be covered. However, many are asking “what’s the point”?

Melissa Camp is the director of Navigation for Insure Georgia and she says, “It’s business as usual…we just keep doing what we do and that’s enrolling Georgians in health care.”

Insure Georgia is a non-profit that does exactly that….helps Georgia residents navigate Obamacare.

Despite the fact Trump has been outspoken against Obamacare on the campaign trail Camp says people aren’t frantic – just curious when they are calling into the office.

She says you should still go through with enrollment, despite the face Obamacare may go away down the road. She says it takes a while to feel the impact of any new administration’s policies.

“We feel confident the new administration is not just going to throw away everything that has been done…you cannot leave that many people with no coverage,” says Camp.

While Obamacare is helping many it’s not without it’s controversy and especially among the middle class.

We took to the streets of uptown Columbus where we found mixed feelings.

Alan Tordy says, “No it’s been good for us, but we are in a lower income bracket.”

Dijon Patterson says, “There are good policies that he has in and there are bad policies.”

Even though Camp is in the business of helping people with Obamacare she says they steer clear of politics..

“We are here for one purpose and that is to help Georgia consumers get the health care and the coverage they need..”

No matter what side of the street you stand on with Obamacare this street musician, Dijon Patterson, says he’ll also steer clear of politics that do not unite our country.

In a couple of weeks Mercer Van Schoor will be sure to have another navigator on the midday show to answer even more of our questions ahead of that looming December 15th deadline.


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