Crew spends Thanksgiving removing backyard plane crash

Courtesy: Major JD Hawk

UPDATE 11/24/16 3:45 PM — The small plane that crashed in a Columbus neighborhood has been dismantled and removed.

A crew spent Thanksgiving Day taking the plane apart and removing it form a backyard on Howard Avenue. The two people inside the plane miraculously walked away from the wreckage.

“I couldn’t believe it. I ran down there to make sure everybody was okay, and whatnot. Then, once I made sure they were good, I ran back in, got my phone, and called 911,” says Shawn Bedgood.

The FAA has begun its investigation into the plane crash.

COLUMBUS, Ga. — A plane has made an emergency landing into a Columbus neighborhood Wednesday night.

According to Fire Chief Ricky Shores, the plane was taking off from Columbus Airport when it experienced some type of mechanical failure and the pilot executed an emergency landing near Howard Avenue.

Shores also says both the pilot and passenger seemed to be okay and identified the plane as a fixed wing Piper PA-28.

“It sounded as if though a bunch of metal had just come together at one time and slammed on the road or concrete and I discovered that it was an airplane crash.  The nose is down.  I could see the airplane up against the tree,” says witness Michael Ward.

The crash landing happened across the street from Jordan High School.

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