Need help with your holiday dinner? Here are some tips to play it safe

Fire officials say crews respond to as many as 1,400 cooking fires on Thanksgiving alone. With unattended cooking standing as the number one cause of house fires, News 3 has some tips to keep your holiday dinner safe and delicious:

  • Always fry a turkey outdoors
  • DO NOT put a fryer on a porch or in a garage
  • Keep fryers away from the house and yard
  • Drought conditions persist in the Southeast – be careful near dry grass!
  • DO NOT overfill the cooking oil
  • Frequently check your cooking temperature

In the case of a grease fire in your home, here are the steps to quickly and safely put it out:

  1. Turn off the heat source.
  2. NEVER put water on a grease fire! Water will make the oil splash and spread the flames.
  3. Try to limit the fire’s oxygen by covering it with a pot lid.
  4. Keep A LOT of baking soda handy, pouring this on the fire will extinguish its oxygen.
  5. As a last resort, use your home fire extinguisher.

If a fire ever gets out of control, immediately leave the area and call 911!


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