First African Baptist Church serves annual Thanksgiving feast with heaping helping of love

COLUMBUS, Ga – For many people, holidays are about traditions.  For one Columbus church, it’s a special time to give to the community.  The congregation of First African Baptist Church opened their doors and their hearts to make Thanksgiving meaningful for the Fountain City.

The overwhelming smell of the Thanksgiving feast. All the delectable dishes, and as good as the food is . . . it doesn’t hold a candle to the strong spirit of love freely served by the members of the First African Baptist Church.

“[The meal is for] those persons who desire a meal, whether they be homeless, or from a social service agency, or just want to come out and fellowship with us,” says Johnny Davis, a deacon at First African Baptist Church in Columbus.

The church completely funds the feast each year. It’s always the Tuesday before Thanksgiving. This year’s Thanksgiving feast makes the 16th annual.

“We were fortunate to feed 470 people last year, and we fed until we ran out of food. And I see a lot of people come back year after year,” says Deacon Davis.

Those homeless, those in trouble, those in need, or those looking just looking for company– it doesn’t matter. The doors and tables of First African Baptist Church are always open the Tuesday before Thanksgiving.

“Our purpose, first all, is to serve God’s people. Second, when in the course of doing this, we want to glorify God and spread love throughout the community. Our idea and aim is to make love pervasive, so we can all come together as God’s people,” says Deacon Davis.

The come together serving lots of food and lots of love.

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