Bentley’s ex-security chief files lawsuit, claims sexual affair between governor and top aide Rebekah Mason

MONTGOMERY, Ala. (WIAT) — Governor Robert Bentley’s former security chief is suing his former boss after being forced to retire in 2015.

Former security chief Wendall Ray Lewis filed a lawsuit against the governor, his former top-aide Rebekah Mason, her company RCM Communications and ACEGov for unlawful termination, claiming he was forced to retire, as well as invasion of privacy, interference with business.

In the suit, Lewis claims Bentley had a physical and sexual affair with Mason, and told Lewis about it, as well as including David Byrne, the Governor’s Legal Advisor; Seth Hammett, the Governor’s Chief of Staff; and Bill O’Connor, former head of the Business Council of Alabama. The suit alleges they all “went separately to the Governor and pleaded with him that he needed to end the affair with Mrs. Mason. None of them succeeded.”

According to footnotes in the suit, Bentley reportedly told Lewis he loved his wife Dianne, but he loved Rebekah more.

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