Warming Up Again

A brief bout with cooler fall weather is about to change to warm again, in time for Thanksgiving.  After Columbus bottomed out at 32º Monday morning and dipped to 33º on Tuesday, we’ll soon be seeing 70-degree afternoons again.

A storm system is in the process of emerging from the Rocky Mountains into the central Plains, eventually heading toward the upper Midwest.  Rain and thunderstorms ahead of the trailing front will cross the South, but like the last several systems the rain is expected to dissipate as the system loses its upper support and moves into a much drier air mass.  Although the front will bring clouds on Wednesday and should move through Columbus, it is unlikely to produce any rain here.

Another dry front is likely to pass on Friday bringing only slight cooling, then a stronger system will develop late in the weekend which may interact with a better supply of Gulf moisture to bring showers to the area next Monday and Tuesday.  This has the potential to bring about a shift in the overall pattern that could bring colder, stormier weather to a large part of the lower 48 states as we move into December.

Exclusive First Alert forecast and webcast

Tuesday afternoon winds forecast
Tuesday afternoon RPM model winds forecast
Forecast map Thanksgiving AM
Forecast map Thanksgiving AM

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