Phenix City class makes history jump off the page

PHENIX CITY, Ala. – History came to life for one group of Phenix City history students. Talk about learning in action!

A group of eighth graders at South Gerard Junior High School are learning about Ancient Greece. They researched a figure from Greek history or mythology and wrote a paper. But their teacher then told them to get into character by giving a three minute monologue on their subjects. They not only learn, but teach other  students in the process.

“You know it’s not how it was when you and I were in school when the teacher stood up in front of the board all day long, lectured, and you just took notes quietly. That’s not how things work anymore. We get out there, the kids explore, the kids get the information, and they’re presenting it. We are super great and getting better every day,” says Matthew McQuay, World History Teacher at South Gerard Junior High School.

Kids were encouraged to use household items to make their costumes. Mr. McQuay says this was an honor’s history project, and though his students are eighth graders, the work required is more ninth or tenth grade level.

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