Neighbor shares message of kindness amid hateful election fallout

RICHMOND, Va. (WRIC) — Some neighbors in Richmond set out to make sure that a message of kindness and acceptance was louder than any message of hate.

Wathiq, a Richmond man originally from Iraq, found the following letter left on his door days after the election.

“Lately, a lot of Americans have been saying very hateful things. There has been a lot of racism, xenophobia and religious intolerance.

We would like you to know: Not all Americans are like this. Many of us support tolerance, inclusion and equal opportunity for everyone. We know that America is great because of its diversity and its freedoms and we will work hard to make sure this remains the case.

We want you to know that America can still be safe and welcoming for everyone who comes here and we hope you and your family are never made to feel like this is not the case.

Your neighbors in Apartment 6”

While he wants this positive message to be shared, Wathiq says he doesn’t want the attention on him, so News 3’s sister station WRIC agreed to only use his first name.

Wathiq has been in America a little over year since he left Iraq and says he believes this letter actually represents the majority of Americans.

“I’m surprised and I’m very proud about this, because I think all Americans [are] good people,” Wathiq says.

Wathiq’s friend Nazar Kradi shared the letter on Facebook and says it’s a good reminder that not everyone is spreading hate.

“Some people have that warm heart,” Nazar Kradi says. “Some people have that kind and nice attitude and some people like his neighbor are good at showing it.”

He says he hopes that by sharing this story, people will realize that we are more alike than different.

“It just takes one initiative to start something good in the society and kind of tackle this negative attitude that’s trying to overtake society,” Kradi says.

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