Feeding the Valley says “never too late” to donate for holidays

COLUMBUS, Ga — If you’re looking for a way to make a difference in our community this holiday season, it’s not too late. Feeding the Valley Food Bank says it always needs food donations and volunteers.

The agency works year-round to fight hunger in fourteen counties in our area.

Along with it, 260 partner agencies join in the fight.

“[Anyone may} certainly do a food drive at any time. I say there are a lot of them going on [during the holidays], but we can use all that food. So if they have a business, an apartment complex, or whatever the case maybe, just give us a call,” says Frank Sheppard, President and CEO of Feeding the Valley Food Bank.

If your organization wants to organize a food drive, you can contact Feeding the Valley. The number is (706) 561-4755, extension 2. They’ll arrange for delivery of a food barrel for collections.

Also, monetary donations are helpful. You can make those through Feeding the Valley’s website.

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