Community comes together to help dozens of apartment fire victims in need

COLUMBUS, Ga.- We’re just days out from Thanksgiving and tonight and dozens of our neighbors are without a home.

This, after an apartment fire in Columbus.

News 3 reports what the community is doing now to help those in need.

On Monday, renters were allowed to go inside their homes.

Curtis Crowell’s home is a total loss.

Still, he’s doing his part to help those in need.

“Anything can help. You have some people that three days before Thanksgiving meal they lost. It needs to be replaced. That’s what I’m about to go do,” says Crowell.

Red Cross disaster relief is encouraging people to get renters insurance.

They say it can be as little as ten dollars.

“Call your car insurance company and you can ask for information about renter’s insurance and that would help cover your personal items that were lost in the fire,” says Patti Buckhieser.

The United Way is also lending a helping hand.

“2-1-1 is a 24 hour a day information and referral line that people can call 365 days a year in times of crisis, disaster or other needs in the community,” says Candace Poole.

Rugged Home furnishing in Phenix City is doing its part too.

“We know the recovery process is going to take a while but we’re making every effort to that we can to get the donations as quick as we can so we can get them to the families as quick as possible,” says Timothy Deckard, Rugged Home Furnishing Owner.

Some questions still rise tonight.

I’m walking down a curb that separates the Woodcliff Apartments from the fire department. One thing that’s raising some questions is the fact that how did a fire happen so quickly and so great..when the fire department is right next door?

“Really kind of depends on how long that fire has been burning… What material is burning and how much air it has really kind of makes a bigger difference than just the mere location of the fire station,” says Fire Marshal Ricky Shores.

Tonight, crews are still working to determine the cause of the fire.

Woodcliff Apartment owners are calling on the community to donate gift cards.

At some point the money will get divided amongst the more than 30 victims affected by the fire.

Also, all those looking to donate to the Rugged Home Furnishing effort, visit the Gofundme page at:  HTTP://GOFUNDME.COM/PU-NEIGHBORS -HELPING-NEIGHBORS.

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