Mill’s instability makes investigation tougher

OPELIKA, Ala. The investigation of the Leshner Mill fire is still underway, but that investigation is tougher due to the lack of stability in the building.

Opelika Fire Chief Byron Prather said there are still hot spots in the building, and there will be for sometime until the material inside burns up.

Chief Prather said that they have reduced their crews at the mill, but still have the building on fire-watch, and will most likely be doing that through the weekend.

Chief Prather said during a typical fire investigation, they look for burn patterns, the fire’s point of entry and more, but are unable to do that now. Instead, they are on the outside looking in.

“We can’t get inside here due to the threat of a structure collapse; the walls are very unstable,” Chief Prather said. “It’s very difficult now, and the likelihood of us getting inside and finding anything is very slim. That’s why we’re looking to the public for anybody passing by on First Avenue between 4:30 and 5 Tuesday afternoon, call the Opelika Police Department or the Opelika Fire Department.”

The number for the Opelika Police Department is 334-705-5220.

The number for the Opelika Fire Department is 334-705-5300.

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