Mayor hopes Whitewater Ave. opens by end of month

PHENIX CITY, Ala. – It’s been more than a year since construction began on Whitewater Avenue in Phenix City.  Commuters are still having to detour around the area formerly known as 3rd Avenue.

Phenix City is working to bring in new developments.  They started construction on the Whitewater Avenue area last summer.

Joey Roberts works in Uptown Columbus.

“Trying to get to work here and maybe even trying to take some shortcuts to even get here it’s just too much.  They got all these cones sitting out and it’s just too much for what we have downtown because downtown is small enough as it already is,” he said.

Steven Smith uses the detours around the Whitewater Avenue area.

“You kind of have to go up the hill by the courthouse and come around that way, but it’s a short-term thing and from all of the landscaping and the brick work they’re doing, it looks like it’s going to be very attractive,” Judge Smith said.

Roberts says he’s excited for Whitewater Avenue to open.

“The sooner it gets open you’re not going to believe the traffic that’s going to be able to turn out being that we got all this new businesses downtown.  That right there is going to exactly help out a lot,” he said.

Smith says it’s worth the wait.

“We can’t say too much in Columbus about the wait because it’s taken a very long time to complete the pedestrian bridge and the turnaround on the Georgia side of that so, it’ll be nice when it’s finished,” Smith said.

City engineers say the project is intended to make the area more attractive to its citizens.  Troy University, the Marriott Courtyard hotel, and the parking garage were recently added to the Whitewater Avenue area.

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