Fort Benning honors Native American tribes who serve

COLUMBUS, Ga. — On Friday the 198th Infantry Brigade paid their respects to national American Indians who have served our country.

The National American Indian Heritage Month observance commemoration took place at Fort Benning.

Dozens of people gathered in Marshall Auditorium to recognize the accomplishments of the original explorers and settlers of the United States.

Keynote speaker Lonzado Langley served in the US Navy.

He is also a Tribal Chief and Historian.

Lonzado gave insight on local Native American history.

He says Native Americans played a big role helping Harriett Tubman in the Underground Railroad.

Langley spoke about Euchee Indians.

He also elaborated on how American Indians and Alaska native tribes played a big role in shaping our country’s character and culture.

The event also highlighted the contributions that Native Americans have made to the United States Military.

There are 566 federally recognized American Indian and Alaska Native Tribes and more than 100 state recognized tribes across the United States.

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