Historic Westville not saying much about meeting with Native Americans after bones found

COLUMBUS, Ga. – Darby Britto, the Director of P.R. and Marketing at Historic Westville is talking about the bone fragments found on their site.

But she’s not saying much.

A news conference was held Thursday to explain how members of the Muscogee Creek Tribe responded to the remains found last week.

“We are in consultation with the Muscogee Creek Nation moving forward,” says Britto.

While Historic Westville was excavating a new site bone fragments were found.

Something she said both sides are used to.

“This is something they are used to dealing with. It comes up in archaeology.”

While she would not reveal much she did say…

I cannot tell you there were a lot of people in the room and there were other archaeologists in the room, a large group there so I can’t tell you exactly how many but it was people there representing.” says Britto.

Representatives with Historic Westville say there’s no indication that plans to build the new museum need to stop at this time.

We also reached out to the lead archaeologist on site.

We asked him to explain if any more bones were found if that would be grounds to consider moving the new Historic Westville to another location.

His response…

“It’s not alarming (laughs).” Says Dean Wood.

According to Historic Westville they’re nearing the end of this kind of archaeological phase.


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