Following several Columbus homicides, several officers from across the nation gather in the Valley

COLUMBUS, Ga. – The spike in homicides underscores the need for detectives to stay up to date on the latest training initiatives.

Today, officers from across the country gathered in Columbus to share and to learn the most current way of investigating a homicide.

About 60 law enforcement officers are just about done with training for the week.

Today, they learned several different ways to conduct death investigations.

Among other things, officers learned NSA defense training practices.

Russell County Sheriff Heath Taylor says the officers shared ideas with each other- about ways to best assess certain homicide scenes.

Sergeant Clint Blackmon from Hoover, Alabama explains how the training will help him on the job moving forward.

“I think this will help us become more in tune with what the medical examiner is looking for when officers are initially responding to a death scene. It will assist us in being more thorough on our job and giving us different aspects of an investigation to look in to bring justice ultimately to the family of their loved ones.” says Blackmon.

This week’s training is part of a yearly, international effort to teach officers new homicide training tactics.

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