Murdered Columbus man’s family believes 8-year old case can still be solved

COLUMBUS, Ga — Losing a loved one to death is difficult under any circumstances. But when it happens as a result of murder, the grief is unimaginable. It becomes even worse when the murderer escapes justice. So far, that’s what happened in the case of Paul Hill, Sr., a Columbus man murdered in 2008. In a story you’ll see only on WRBL News 3, one of Mr. Hill’s daughters speaks out as the family vows to keep fighting for him and feels confident his case can be solved.

“He would go grocery shopping for families that couldn’t afford groceries and deliver their groceries for them. He always did things for people,” says Nichole Alred.

Nichole Alred’s father, Paul Hill, Sr., had such a generous, loving heart.  How anyone could wish him harm defies explanation.  Yet, on Easter Sunday 2008, Mr. Hill was murdered in his south Columbus home.

“What were my last words to him? Did he know that I loved him? Just so many different feelings go through you at that time,” Alred says.

One thing Alred believed at the time—justice would come quickly.

“When I first found out my father was murdered, I really believed that it would be solved right away,” says Alred.

But that, unfortunately, wasn’t the case. Mr. Hill’s death is still unsolved.

“And after days, weeks, months, and years went by, we lost hope,” says Alred.

But Alred’s hope was reignited when she met Lysa Heslov a Hollywood movie director making the documentary “Served Like a Girl.” It features stories of female veterans, including Alred. Heslov became interested in helping Nichole in her search for justice for her father.  Heslov paid for a billboard that was up earlier this year in Columbus and funded some private investigation into the case.

“She is just amazing. She’s become like family to us. She really has,” Alred says of Heslov.

New investigators, according to Nichole, recently started work on her father’s case. She is optimistic that his murder will be solved. In the meantime, she pushes herself to make forgiveness and love priorities in her life.

“For the person who killed my father, I don’t want to see them dead. Locked up? Yeah, I want to see them locked up. And some people think that’s not fair because if they’re locked up they still get to see their loved ones.  But if I push for the death sentence for the person who killed my father, then there’s another family going through what we’ve gone through. And I don’t want another single person out there to feel the way we’ve felt the past eight years.”

If you have any information about the murder of Paul Hill, Sr., Columbus Police want to hear from you.

You can remain anonymous by calling Crime Stoppers at (706) 653-3188.

You can also contact them with an anonymous web tip.

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