Alabamians expected to spend $11.4 billion this holiday season

AUBURN, Ala.- According to the Alabama Retail Association, Alabamians are expected to spend $11.4 billion during the holiday season. This is expected to be an all-time high.

The Alabama Retail Association says last years, Alabamians spent $10.9 billion, which was a 5.5 increase over the previous year.

This information came from the Alabama Retail Association’s Shop Alabama for the Holidays kickoff. The campaign is designed to encourage folks across the state to spend their money this holiday season locally.


Melissa Warnke of the Alabama Retail Association said that shopping local and Alabama based retailers, you’re strengthening your city, but the retailers reinvest that money into the community, adding that the money goes a long way when it’s spent locally.

“Retail is not only the backbone of communities across the state, but it’s an economic driver for our state,” Warnke said. “There are 400,000 people in the state of Alabama, which is about 1 in every 4 people that work in retail. It’s one of the biggest producing industries in our state that not many people realize because it’s all spread out in lot’s of different ways.”

“Keeping sales tax dollars at home is so big,” Auburn Chamber of Commerce President Lolly Steiner said. “It’s big for everyone, every single citizen in our community, every family that has children playing soccer, families that have children in Auburn City Schools. Absolutely every citizen is impacted by sales tax dollars staying right here in our community.”

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