9th annual Hometown Connection takes places

COLUMBUS, Ga. – State and local leaders got their heads together on Thursday to talk about the upcoming 2017 Legislative Session.

The 9th annual Hometown Connection was held at the Columbus Trade Center.

City Manager Isaiah Hugley explained why it’s so important for city and state leaders to come together.

Hugley said, “It’s an opportunity to bring our state legislative delegation together with our local legislative group, the city council, to share our thoughts and concerns as they prepare to go to the next legislative session.”

The City Manager also said the topic of weapons being brought into places like the Trade Center was discussed.

Hugley said, “When they lease it to large groups the law prohibits them from restricting people from bringing weapons to the facility ad if they’re carrying it on their hip you can’t even ask them if they have a carry permit.”

Peter Bowden, the President of the Convention and Visitors Bureau thinks it would be wise for council to oppose legislation that allows any form of discrimination because Georgia could potentially lose billions of dollars.

Bowden said, “Disney has told the state film office in Georgia that if anything threatened or if any legislation was introduced and passed that dealt with discriminating against people they would pull their operation out of Georgia.”

Hugley says the Columbus City Council was able to give their input on all of the agenda items and now it’s up to State Legislators to work on behalf of the people of Columbus.


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